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kalbuhan na ‘toooooooo

hokay, di ko naman kailangan ng buhok eh

Posted on Tuesday, 24 December


PHOTOGRAPHY: Surreal Ballet Inspired Works by Kylli Sparre

After years of training to become a professional ballet dancer, artist Kylli Sparre realized it wasn’t the path for her and instead channeled passion for dance into photography and image manipulation.

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Posted on Saturday, 19 October

freedom please

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Posted on Monday, 14 October

i wish the tide would take me over

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@diegovivo aiii

Posted on Saturday, 28 September

@diegovivo aiii

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It’s not Porn. No really. 


Posted on Thursday, 12 September

@ritafritta it’s dragon cat :))



Oki the Cat [tumblr]

Posted on Thursday, 5 September

this is why i love cats :))

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Posted on Saturday, 31 August


Posted on Saturday, 31 August

fierce killer

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